Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Block Party, Anyone?

Last night I was watching SportsCenter and they were fascinated over LeBron James' ability to block shots. They even brought up a graphic that showed his blocked shot stats over his career. Now don't get me wrong, his current 1.31 block per game is impressive, but it only ranks 29th in the league.

Dwyane Wade on the other hand, who, despite being the leading scored this season, is being overshadowed by Lebron James in the media. The stats speak for themselves: Wade is averaging 1.6 blocks per game, ranks 16th in the league, and 1st among guards. Where's the credit he deserves?

Of course, Lebron's blocks are usually pretty entertaining to watch, pinning balls off the backbord and spiking shots like he was playing volleyball... but the man is nearly 6'9" and 270 pounds according to some. He should be making those plays, it shouldn't be the big surprise that it is.

What's more impressive is Wade's 1.6 blocks per game at only 6'4" and 220 pounds. Let's not forget just over a week ago when Wade, down the home-stretch of a close game against the Nets emphatically blocked a Vince Carter shot, followed by 2 blocks of Brook Lopez dunks.

Now that's impressive.

Oh yeah, don't forget that for their careers, Wade averages .9 blocks per game to LeBron's .8 (and that's with Wade missing a good chunk of last season).

So, ESPN, where's the Dwyane Wade block graphic?

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