Monday, December 22, 2008

When Referees Attack

A couple of months ago we had the incident where Wilbur Hackett, Jr., an SEC football official jacked up South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia.

This past weekend, when the St. Louis Rams hosted the San Francisco 49ers, NFL official, Garth DeFelice gave the Rams' Kenneth Darby a right cross of his own.

We assume that DeFelice figured that, in a game between two NFC West teams that are well below .500 and playing for nothing of signifcance in week 16, someone had to make a SportsCenter-worthy hit.

Mr. DeFelice, we commend you for making a game between two sub-.500 teams in late December relevant. If not relevant, at least worthy of a few good laughs.

This also leads us to our new poll question: Who would win in a fight: Wilbur Hackett, Jr. or Garth DeFelice? Vote and let us know your opinion.

Now enjoy the video of the killer right cross.

1 comment:

  1. You need new contender in your poll. My vote is for Ed "Guns" Hochuli, every time.