Saturday, December 6, 2008

What To Look Forward To Today

We'll try to keep it short here today, folks. So here's what you get to look forward to on this beautiful Saturday, the final Saturday of the college football regular season.

Noon: Army-Navy. So what if it isn't a marquee matchup between top tier programs, it's one of the greatest rivalry games in college football. Army appears to be really overmatched by the Midshipmen, but tune it, you might enjoy it.

1 PM: ACC Championship game coming to you live from Tampa Bay, Fla. featuring Boston College and Virginia Tech. Not the most intriguing matchup, but we'll probably watch it anyways, plus we here there are still tons of great seats still available! Sadly, we aren't kidding about that.

4 PM: Yeah you might have heard a little something about some big game in Atlanta this weekend, we're not sure. But seriously, Florida-Alabama in the Georgia Dome. SEC Title on the line. Trip to Miami for the BCS National Championship game on the line. 1 vs. 2 in the AP poll. 1 vs. 4 in the BCS. Any way you look at it, this is a national semi-final. This could be a game for the ages. Urban Meyer said Percy Harvin is looking doubtful for the game, so look for a huge game from the UF "quarkbacks."

What's a quarkback, you might ask?

"Quarkback (?kwork-bak), n. A running back loosely defined as being 5′9″ or less and weighing between 150 and 180 pounds and possessing 4.4 speed or less. Derivation: internet slang.
Example: Jeff Demps, Florida quarkback, ran so fast on his third quarter dash to the endzone he inflicted second-degree burns on SEC official Penn Wagers as he passed him.

4:30 PM: USC and UCLA play. We care little about this game, as it overlaps the SEC title game. Moving on.

8 PM: Missouri and Oklahoma in the Big 12 Title game. It's simple: Oklahoma wins, they're going to Miami. Missouri wins, and all hell breaks loose on the BCS, again. But Missouri can't stop the pass, so Sam "Robocop" Bradford will likely light up the Mizzou secondary like a Christmas tree.

That is all, folks. Enjoy what should be a great day of college football.

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