Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pro Bowl Snub

The NFL released this season's Pro Bowl rosters today. There were a few obvious omissions, including Chargers QB Phillip Rivers, who leads the league in both passer rating and touchdown passes.

However, there are some less obvious omissions to the rosters, too. Most notably, Dolphins QB Chad Pennington. Sure, his statistics might not rival those of Peyton Manning, Brett Favre and Jay Cutler, however, no one can argue that Pennington isn't a huge reason for the Dolphins insane turnaround this season.

The Dolphins have been searching for stability at the QB position since Dan Marino retired, and while the future of this team down the road lies in the waiting hands of Chad Henne, Pennington has given the Dolphins the stability and leadership they've been lacking at the position for all these years.

He may not put up gaudy statistics, 3,218 passing yards, and only 14 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, but Pennington has shown he is a great decision maker. He is a big reason the Dolphins have only turned the ball over 10 times through 14 games. They lead the league in turnover margin at +12. Pennington is also fourth in the league in QB rating and fifth in completion percentage.

If not for Pennington, the Dolphins would not be tied for first in the AFC East, and would not be fighting for a playoff spot.

Again, Pennington may not have gaudy numbers, but he leads the team where it counts, and probably deserved a spot on the AFC Pro Bowl roster.

But then again, it's the Pro Bowl, and nobody, players or fans, really cares about it either way.

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  1. I would argue that Pennington (3218yds, 14td/6int, 95.1pr) has better overall stats than Favre this year (3052yds, 21td/17int, 86.5pr, in addition to a higher passer rating than Maanning (90.3). Although his numbers are a product of the system he's in, he is in the perfect system for his abilities. Never mind the fact that he doesn't have a legitimate NFL receiver.