Monday, December 22, 2008

Memorable College Football Leg Injuries

In case you missed it last night, Southern Mississippi wide receiver Deandre Brown broke his shin last night in the New Orleans Bowl in a freak accident. No one touched him, and it seems as though the mere force of friction of his cleats across the surface of the field caused the break.

(Warning: the video of said incident follows).

This reminds us how dangerous the sport of football can be, even when you least expect it. It also reminds us of some of the most memorable leg injuries we've witnessed in college football games. So without further ado...

5. Patrick Edwards, WR, Houston. Breaks his leg after running through end zone in effort to catch a pass and runs into metal carts.

Really, what are those carts doing so close to the field? In the back of the endzone, no less. What were these people thinking?

4. Byron Leftwich, QB, Marshall. Broke his left tibia in the first quarter of a game against Akron in 2002.

This one wasn't a knock out blow like the others on this list, however, the everlasting image of Leftwich's linemen carrying him down field after a completion, and the mere fact that he played through a broken tibia garners Leftwich a spot on this list.

3. Willis McGahee, RB, Miami. Blows out his knee against Ohio State in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl.

One of the most memorable moments from one of the most memorable BCS Championship games. It's tough to watch McGahee's leg bend backwards, but we're just glad he was able to bounce back and have a steady NFL career.

2. Joe Paterno, Head Coach, Penn State. Breaks his leg against Wisconsin in 2006.

You have to feel bad for an octogenarian getting his leg taken out by a college kid, especially when it's one of the winningest coaches in college football history.

1. Tyrone Prothro, WR, Alabama. Breaks his leg against Florida in 2005.

This one was particularly bad, because just weeks earlier, he gave us one of the most memorable catches in college football, EVER.

Any in-game leg injury we left off the list that you thought deserved to be here? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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