Saturday, December 27, 2008

Farewell, Pat White

Pat White finished his stellar career at West Virginia with a 31-30 win in the Meineke Car Care Bowl over UNC.

White was named the Player of the Game, finishing with 332 yards passing (a career high) and 3 touchdown passes.

He leaves West Virginia as the Big East's all-time total yardage leader, just ahead of USF's Matt Grothe (who set the record in the MagicJack St. Pete Bowl last week). Though Grothe will obviously reclaim that record if he returns for his senior season, a tip of the hat deserves to go to White.

While White may be remembered by some for missing key games (or parts of them) due to some questionable injuries, he also deserves to be remembered for being one of the better players of the past decade.

He finishes as the all-time leading rusher ( over 4,400 yards) among quarterbacks in college football history, and goes down as the only quarterback to go 4-0 in his career as a starter in bowl games.

Oh yeah, he's also been selected in the MLB draft three times. The guy is quite the athlete, and we hope he finds his place on an NFL team in the future because he's that good/entertaining of a player.

We'll leave you with this highlight reel of White's career at WVU. Enjoy.


  1. Nice profanity laden highlight reel. I would like to go on record pointing out that 1.) there were no highlights of Patsy in that clip against USF. 2.) here's why: Ms. White has played 8.3% of her games against USF, and has only gotten 7.5% of the soon-to-be-broken record yardage mark against the Bulls. With the exception of the '05 season, Patricia White has played horribly against USF, putting up numbers well below his statistical averages, and thats when he was able to stay on the field (thanks Jerome Murphy). So good riddence Patsy, and enjoy your record, it will not stand for long.

    By the way, breaking a yardage mark against UNC is no accomplishment, and is hereby not acknowledged.

  2. because breaking it against Memphis is SO much more respectable...

  3. How about against Wofford next year?