Thursday, December 18, 2008

Facial Symmetry = Big Bucks for Quarterbacks

... or so says this study by economists David Berri, Rob Simmons and Jennifer VanGilder.

ESPN's First Take reported on this this morning with Skip Bayless and Jemele Hill, citing this article in the Kansas City Star.

Hate to break it to both of them, but they're a few months late on that news, as the New York Times reported on it months ago. That's fine though, because it gives us an opportunity to look back at that study and some remarkable observations from it:

- A "good-looking" quarterback makes up to $300,000 more than his stats predict. Conversely, a quarterback who's face isn't as symmetrical makes up to $300,000 less than other factors predict.

- Brett Favre is the "prettiest" quarterback in the league.

- The biggest beneficiaries of this trend: backup quarterbacks. Maybe there is something to say about a backup getting paid to look good on the sideline with a headset and a clipboard.

We really wish we were a backup quarterback in the NFL with a symmetrical face. It seems like a sweet job. Not as sweet as Stephon Marbury though, who is getting paid $21.7 million to stay away from the Knicks (read: Do NOTHING).

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