Friday, December 19, 2008

Dwyane Wade is Back

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight.

Through Dwyane Wade's first four seasons, it's seemed like he had fallen down several more times than that, and after cutting his season short last year, many questioned if Wade would be able to get back up this time around.


Dwyane Wade's Belief is Stronger Than Your Doubt.

After tonight's 35-point performance, it's clear that Wade, who leads the NBA with 28 points per game, is back and possibly better than ever, and yes, that includes his 2006 Finals MVP performance.

On a night that was a showcase of two of the league's best shooting stars... um, guards, it was Wade's star that shone the brightest, outshining that of Kobe Bryant's. Despite only a 14-point fourth quarter from the Heat, they held off the now 21-4 Lakers, and held the leagues highest scoring offense (at 108.37 points per game) to just 87 points, that's 20 under their season average for you math whizzes out there.

Mike Krzyzewski, Wade's Olympic coach said that Wade was a champion before he was a champion and that he was the most humble star he has ever coached. Wade's willingness to come off the bench during those games just showed a glimpse of his leadership ability and his will to win. Those aspects are parlaying from Team USA to this young Miami Heat team.

If this past summer's Olympics were any indication of what to expect from Wade, the best is yet to come. He is playing at an MVP level so far this season, and this team lives and dies by how well Wade leads them game-in and game-out. Not only is he an MVP caliber player right now, but he is also deserving of the league's Comeback Player of the Year Award so far.

So as cheesy as those taglines from Wade's Converse commercials are, maybe the fine people in Converse's advertisement department are on to something. Maybe they know somethin about Wade that the rest of us didn't know. But the way he is playing, we will all know soon, and to steal a line from Nike's LeBron James advertisements:

We Are All Witnesses.

Or should we say: Wadenesses.

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  1. Agreed, on all accounts. Thanks for informing of the league's leading scorer's idenity. However, I think that you may have overlooked the monumental contribution provided by one fromer Kentucky Wildcat's return. The heat will not be over .500 the rest of this year without a healthy Jamal Magloire.