Monday, December 22, 2008

Dolphins Football is RELEVANT in Late December

You know something is up when the Miami Dolphins are playing a late-December game with a 4:15 kickoff.

That something: the AFC East division crown is on the line against the New York Jets.

Coming into the season, if you would have told a Dolphins fan that Chad Pennington was going to lead the team to a 10-win season, with the division title, and subsequent playoff spot on the line when the Dolphins stroll into the Meadowlands this weekend and Pennington squares off against the team that sent him packing after the acquisition of Brett Favre, they probably would've asked you what kind of drugs you were on... and where they could purchase it.

But that's the case this week. For the Dolphins it's simple: win and you're in. Lose, and the season is over.

This Dolphins team is doing something special, with one of the greatest turnarounds in NFL history, and with a chance to have the fewest turnovers in a season ever. In other words, the Dolphins are relevant again in December.

We were beginning to forget what that felt like, but then we remembered: it feels good.

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  1. yes sir....amazing season. i had to do a writing piece for creative writing in the beginng of the year and i made it solely on the fins and their offseason and my prediction. i said they were gonna have a good year but miss the playoffs because it was supposed to be a transition year. well i guess not. this Sunday will tell all