Monday, December 8, 2008

The Bowl Committees LOVE IRONY!

Looking at this year's bowl schedule, there are a few things we look forward to, other than the BCS title game in Miami:

- There's a few intriguing matchups that we think could be good bowl games, and they are, as follows:

Texas Tech - Ole Miss in the Cotton Bowl. Ole Miss turned out a lot better than people thought when they were when they beat UF this year, and Tech is, well, Tech. If rumors of Mike Leach to a school like Auburn are true, then this could serve as his introduction to the SEC.

Oregon State - Pitt in the Sun Bowl. Quizz Rodgers and LeSean McCoy. 'nuff said.

Wisconsin - FSU in the Champs Sports Bowl, and Cal - Miami in the Emerald Bowl. Because we enjoy seeing our rivals play before New Year's Eve.

Notre Dame - Hawaii in the Hawaii Bowl. Wait, let's get this straight... Notre Dame goes 6-6 and gets rewarded with a vacation to Hawaii in December? So not fair.

Speaking of unfair, how would you like to play for Cincy right now? This past week they travelled to Hawaii for their regular season finale, and then in January they get to go to Miami for the Orange Bowl.

Now here is our FAVORITE part of the bowl schedule this year:

Notice the bowls in which the Utah Utes and BYU Cougars are playing in: the Sugar Bowl and the Las Vegas Bowl, respectively. That's right, folks, the two schools with strong Mormon backgrounds are playing in New Orleans and Las Vegas. What's wrong with that picture? EVERYTHING. The sense of humor and irony that the bowl selection committee has is overwhelming. We love it. Those cities tourism bureaus, on the other hand, are probably not as amused as we are. But from what we've heard, those Mormons throw some crazy parties... or not.

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