Monday, November 3, 2008

The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party: As Advertised

As promised folks, here is our recap of our Saturday trip to the "wonderful" city of Jacksonville for the annual Florida-Georgia game.

9:45 AM: Leave the apartment with our buddy Wooj and hit the road for TWLOCP! No tickets, but ready to have a good time and watch some highly anticipated payback.

10:20ish AM: Drive through the SOUTH south. We used to think Gainesville was the south, that is, until we drove through Waldo and Lawtey. Jeez. Watched out for those speed traps, though.

11:30 AM: Finally get a view of downtown Jacksonville. Unimpressed.

11:45 AM: Arrive at The Jacksonville Landing, enjoy the surroundings and the view on the St. John's River. If you look closely, the water is actually brown.

12:45 PM: Take a water taxi down the river to Jacksonville Municipal Stadium.

Okay, let's be frank, we're guessing on the times here, but you get the jist of it.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of tailgating in front of the stadium at the Sports Illustrated zone, as well as under all of the overpasses with the orange and blue bus. Good times.

Gametime quickly approached. The Georgia fans, southern drawls and all were out in force. Even Wooj, a 'Canes fan admitted that these were the most obnoxious fans he had ever encountered. (Side note: we thought Waldo and Lawtey were the South, until we actually met some Georgia fans.)

We enjoyed the game from right outside of the stadium, watching on two back-to-back jumbo screens. One side was dominated by Georgia fans, the other dominated by the Florida faithful.

Gametime came, and it certainly did not disappoint... at least if you're a Gator. Three hours later, revenge was in the books. 49-10.

Took the water taxi back to the Landing, already overflowing with joyous, drunken Gator fans. Quite an atmosphere.

We would've stayed and celebrated, but we headed back to Gainesville to catch the rest of Texas-Texas Tech. Boy was that the right choice. Game of the year, thus far. But more on that later.

Jacksonville as a city, from what we saw, we weren't too impressed. (Did they really host a Super Bowl a few years ago?) However, as the host of such a heated rivalry, and TWLOCP, we give Jacksonville two thumbs up. Stay classy, Georgia fans, stay classy.

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