Thursday, November 27, 2008

Things To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Let's start off by wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. We hope you enjoy surrounding yourselves with family, friends and food! (what more could you ask for?)

Now before everyone sinks into their turkey-induced comas later today, we here at 4th and Fail would like to acknowledge some of things that we, as sports fans and bloggers are thankful for on this joyous day.

1. Football. Really, what's Thanksgiving without some football? Even if it is the lowly Lions playing today, Turkey and Pigskin go hand in hand this time of the year, and we are thankful for that.

2. Rivalries. College football's rivalry weeks. It brings out the best in all players out there, the one game they pride their whole season on. Who care's if your team isn't bowl eligible this year, the season can be salvaged by a win over your big rivals. This weekend, as well as last weekend, are considered to be "Rivalry Week" in the college football world. It also happens to sandwich Thanksgiving. Coincidence? We think not. This weekend, we will be indulging in the Florida-Florida State game (which we regrettably will not be attending this year), surrounded by our family. Go Gators.

3. High Definition TV. Because, to steal a line from comedian Daniel Tosh, the lack of resolution was making it difficult for us to watch our favorite sports team on broadcasts like Raycom Sports (ew).

4. Turkey Bowls. Because we look forward to waking up from that turkey-induced coma to play some football with our friends. Nothing better than some pickup football over Thanksgiving break.

5. Bonehead athletes. Because they make for good writing. Sure, it's sad when they slip up and do stupid things, but as a writer, it's great.

6. You, the readers. Because without you guys, this would just be a glorified journal.

We're off to spend time with the family and indulge in some good eats, and hopefully some good football. Good day, folks.

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