Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Joey Porter is Gunning for Michael Strahan

Miami Dolphin LB Joey Porter has been gunning for opposing quarterbacks all season, so it's no surprise that his biggest target this season is... a defensive lineman?

That's right, Joey Porter is aiming for Michael Strahan, or at least for his single-season sack record of 22.5, set back in the 2001 season. That's what he told Jim Rome on his radio show this week.

Through 10 games, Porter, who many thought wasn't worth the millions the Dolphins are paying him, has recorded 13.5 sacks.

With six games remaining, Porter thinks he has a shot at the record. Let's take a look at the remaining schedule for Miami, and how the opposing teams' offensive lines rank in terms of sacks allowed:

- New England has given up the 5th most sacks through week 11 this season, with 33.
- St. Louis has given up the 7th most this season, with 32.
- Buffalo has given up the 12th most, with 25.
- San Francisco has given up the 3rd most, with 36.
- Kansas City has given up the 8th most, with 28.
- The New York Jets have only given up 23, that's the 17th most in the league.

If we were Joey Porter and were looking at that schedule, our eyes would be lighting up like a Christmas tree. Nine sacks in six games, that's nothing, Porter had 8.5 through six games to start the season, and that's including a goose egg in week 2 against Arizona.

So of the Dolphins' remaining schedule, only the Jets rank in the upper half of the league in terms of fewest sacks allowed. So if it comes down to week 17, Porter probably wouldn't have a great shot at the record, right? Think again. Keep in mind who is now lining up behind center for those New York Jets: Brett Favre. That would be the same Brett Favre who Strahan "sacked" to break Mark Gastineau's 17-year old record.
Porter even told Rome that he hopes Favre gives him the same opportunity that he gave Strahan in the 2001 season.

So if it comes down to week 17, and Porter is closing in on Strahan's record, let's hope Favre gives him the same treatment he gave Strahan:

If he's close to breaking the sack record, Porter hopes Favre takes a slip against the 'Phins in Week 17

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