Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to Solve the ACC

So after week's of trying to figure out this whacky conference that is the ACC, we here at 4th and Fail have devised a very complex mathematic formula for determining the eventual conference champion, who will be crowned on December 6th in Tampa.

As of this week, nine of the conferences 12 teams were still in contention for a trip to Tampa. Only Duke, Clemson and NC State have eliminated themselves. Of the nine remaining teams, only Maryland and Miami controlled their own destiny entering the week.

So withour further ado, and after hours of computations and permutations and all sorts of advanced calculations, we give you our solution for how to pick the ACC champion:

Directions: Simply close your eyes, flick the spinning arrow and pray that it lands on the team of your preference if you're an ACC fan (or a betting man).

UPDATE: On ESPN's College Football Final show last night (December 6th/7th), before they showed the highlights of the ACC Championship game, they had a similar wheel-of-fortune-esque gameshow spinner that represented all the ACC teams. I've heard of them snatching other people's jokes from blogs, but material like this? Perhaps it's a bit of a "rip-off"? Oh well.


  1. If the ACC was smart, they would do what is best for their coffers and put Miami and Florida State in their conference championship game. We know for a fact that VaTech and Wake Forest cannot fill up a professional football stadium. The only match up that came close since the inception of the title game was Florida State vs. VaTech in 2005.

    I certainly beleive that UM FSU could fill up RayJay's 65,000 easily.

  2. Very funny! Miami and FSU can fill up a stadium?
    Both teams have played in front of thousands of empty seats at home this season!

    Tickets for FSU's game against Florida are still available.

    Hilarious! This isn't 2001.

  3. It is one of the 2 times a year that Miami "fans" show up in serious numbers. 65,786 at Dolphins Stadium this year in the rain, and that stadium is significantly bigger than RayJay. Empty seats half the time is really the M.O. of the South Flroida fan base in general, but you should know that already Mr. marlinsin04. To imply that a UM FSU matchup with a tickt to the BCS on the line would not sell out is dumb.