Friday, November 21, 2008

Cam Newton Arrested for Stupidity

Florida backup quarterback Cameron newton was arrested Friday for stealing a laptop.

He wasn't caught when he stole it, but rather when the school traced the laptop back to him after he logged into the UF network from the laptop. Honestly, who is stupid enough to do that? Not that stealing a $1,700 laptop is a smart move to begin with, but c'mon.

Police initially entered Newton's dorm to investigate. They checked the serial number on the laptop, and left the dorm to verify it. After it was confirmed that it matched that of the stolen laptop, they re-entered Newton's dorm and: voila, the laptop was gone.

They found out that Newton had thrown the laptop out of the window of his dorm, and it was later found behind the dumpster of the dorm.

Maybe Newton should've thrown the laptop out before the police came in and read him his Miranda rights. But we guess that sitting on the bench for the past two seasons has really affected his throwing arm.

Regardless, Gator fans shouldn't care about Newton's arm anymore. Coach Urban Meyer should kick Newton off the team, in much the same manner that cornerback Jacques Rickerson was booted for felony assault by strangulation a few weeks back.

Entering his career at UF, Newton showed promise as Tim Tebow's backup in garbage time. He became a fan favorite after his performance at the end of the game against Tennessee in 2007:

But those days should be forgotten by Gator fans. Newton must be kicked off the team for this, it's inexcusable.


  1. Too bad he turned out to be better than Tebow.

  2. He's older and wiser, and is way better than Tebow. Who hasn't done something really stupid in their life? You learn from it and move on.

  3. Tim tebow is the Man. Don't hate on a proven winner!

  4. Tim tebow is the Man. Don't hate on a proven winner!

  5. Cam Nation will come outon top.. and who is Tim Tebow...LMBO

  6. Pitiful article. Sure was great of them to leave out the fact that he bought the stolen laptop, and didn't steal it himself. What a pathetic blog.