Monday, November 17, 2008

Donovan McNabb Wasn't Aware There Are Ties in the NFL

Following Sunday's TIE between the Eagles and the Bengals, Donovan McNabb had this to say at his postgame press conference:

Our personal reaction was similar to that of the reporter at the 34 second mark, "Seriously?"

We still can't believe Donovan McNabb didn't know the rules to the game he gets paid millions to play one-third of the year. Really, Donovan?

You're going to stand there and tell us you weren't aware of ties in the NFL?

It's not like you were in the league the last time there was a tie, oh wait, never mind, you were in the NFL when the Falcons tied the Steelers in 2002, since you were drafted in 1999.

At least you didn't play one of those teams in the playoffs that year, either. Hold on, you mean to tell us you did play Atlanta in the NFC Divisional playoffs that year? I guess you weren't at all curious about what that 1 under the column that said "T" in their win-loss record was.

I guess when you're being paid to play a game, you don't concern yourself with minor details like that.

We assume you just thought the NFL overtime rules are like that of NCAA football (it should be, as we stated in an earlier post). But wait a minute, you enrolled at Syracuse in 1993, before the NCAA instituted overtime to eliminate ties in 1996. We'll give you a bit of leeway since the NCAA overtime system was adopted whileyou were still playing college ball, but still, come on.

As a professional, making millions of dollars a year to play a child's game, it's inexcusable to not know the rules of the game you play. Isn't it common knowledge to the average sports fan that NFL games end in a tie after one overtime?

Come on Donovan, stop being ignorant and educate yourself, please. At least do it before the outraged, and ever so classy Philadelphia fans try to run you out of town.

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