Saturday, November 22, 2008

BCS Ultimate Doomsday Scenario

To quote Jigsaw of the Saw gorefest films, "I want to play a game," so let's play a game, folks. The game is called "What If: BCS Ultimate Doomsday Edition!"

Note, before we begin this game, we realize the unlikelihood that all of the following events occur, but let's be ambitious and think about the possibilities.

So now that Texas Tech was shellacked by Oklahoma, there's currently a three-way tie for the Big 12 South division title, and a trip to the Big 12 title game. It's been well publicized that the three-way tiebreak goes to the team ranked highest after next week's BCS standings are released. So barring a collapse by Oklahoma next weekend, let's assume they finish ranked ahead of Tech and Texas (who beat them, soundly, at a neutral site).

Anyways, next week we have Florida visiting rival Florida State. Obviously, being a Gator homer and student, we like the Gators to win this game. But remember, we're playing "What If.." here.

So what happens if UF falls to FSU, then the following week UF handles undefeated 'Bama in Atlanta for the SEC title. Obviously, both teams would be eliminated from a trip to Miami for the BCS title.

Now let's say, the same weekend, Missouri knocks off Oklahoma. Oklahoma would probably drop out of the picture, too.

We assume that Tech and Texas, at this point, should be left out of the title picture by virtue of not winning their conference. So with that in mind, do we nix USC from the argument, too, if Oregon State beats Oregon in the Civil War next weekend and wins the Pac-10?

Yeah, yeah, we know Oklahoma lost the Big 12 title game in 2003 and still wound up in the National Championship game. (That turned out real well, didn't it, Jason White?)

Or, for the hell of it, let's say (and we know this is the most unlikely of all the events listed here), that Notre Dame somehow topples USC next weekend.

What title game would America be tuning into in January?

At that point, does Utah and/or Boise State finally get the nod over all of these BCS schools? Does that ultimately make Penn State rise back into the top 2?

Utah and Boise State would be the only remaining undefeated teams ranked highly (sorry, Ball State), and Penn State would be the only BCS conference champion with one loss.

What would happen in the (extremely) unlikely event that all of these things occur? Would America even tune in to a title game of Utah/Boise State, Utah/Penn State, or Boise State/Penn State?

Our head is starting to spin just thinking of this doomsday scenario. We don't like this game of "What If: BCS Ultimate Doomsday Edition!" We quit.

Let's just snap back to reality, and hope that nothing out of the ordinary occurs and either Florida or 'Bama (and by that we mean Florida all the way), win out. And that whoever wins the Big 12 South beats down Mizzou for the crown, so America can get the matchup they want: Big 12 -SEC for the BCS National Championship.

Please and Thank You.

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