Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Say 'Hitler,' I Say... 'Hitler'?? Sports' Double Standards

In wake of Lou Holtz’s recent H-bomb while speaking of Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez on ESPN, and subsequent NON-suspension, while ESPN columnist Jemele Hill was seriously reprimanded for a similar comment in a basketball column, we here at 4th and Fail take a look at some other notable double standards in sports.

So here they are, in no particular order.

5. The Spain Basketball Photo. Just this summer the Spanish men’s Olympic basketball team posed for a photo prior to the Games in which they used their fingers to slant their eyes, giving the impression that they were mimicking the Chinese. No action was taken against the team. However, if it were the U.S. “Redeem” Team, then we guarantee you that NBA commish David Stern, and the media, would’ve been all over that, particularly with the already poor image of Americans overseas.

4. Notre Dame Football. Honestly folks, we know they invented the forward pass, but c’mon, what do they do every year to deserve such a high preseason ranking. True, the last couple of seasons have been more reasonable, but in general, even when they are unproven they garner national attention and votes. Notre Dame gets treated like no other team. We think this video puts it best:

3. Steroids in MLB. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get blackballed by the league and shredded to pieces by the media. Miguel Tejada, Andy Petitte, Paul LoDuca, etc., are still playing in the majors today.

2. Brett Favre vs. T.O. Favre said that teaching Aaron Rodgers as a backup was not his job; that it’s not what he was paid to do. He holds the Green Bay franchise hostage this past offseason. There are allegations that he tried to sabotage the Packers against the Lions this season. All of this, yet the media ADORES him (That includes you, Peter King!). T.O. on the other hand, is a “big distraction” and “not worth the risk.” Even in week 6, when after the game he said nothing wrong, ESPN lashed out at him for his loud wardrobe. The media detests the “Team Obliterator,” and has an unhealthy crush on Favre. Yes, this one is aimed at you, Skip Bayless.

He may have been quiet postgame, but his outfit was loud.

1. The Great Conference Debate. We admit that we too, have been guilty of this double standard. The media loves the SEC and the Big 12, as they are typically regarded as the best conferences in college football. Each year, the SEC and the Big 12 suffer from “conference cannibalism,” and it’s usually accepted that rarely will a team make it through their schedule unscathed. So whenever they lose a game, the media says it’s a testament to the conferences depth, however, any other conference does the same, and it’s just further “evidence of how weak the conference is as a whole.” The fact of the matter is, “conference cannibalism” happens in every conference. Bottom line.

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