Monday, October 13, 2008

Yeah, That's Why We're Still The Miami Dolphins... Or Are We?

Tough day to be a DolPhan. I'm not in Miami, so I don't get most (read: all) Phins games up in Gainesville, being that CBS covers the Jags up here and on Fox I get treated to Chucky and the Bucs. But I still follow my team, week-in week-out. This week, it was through ESPN GameCast. It was tough to watch on that, then, riding in my car later in the afternoon listening to ESPN radio's NFL recap, I heard the radio call of Matt Schaub's 4th and Goal touchdown with three seconds left to put the Texans up 29-28. That call sounded more devastating than I could've imagined from watching on GameCast (and that was pretty devastating).

Sadly, I can see this loss as one of those potential "send-a-team-spiraling-into-oblivion" type of backbreakers. The Phins have shown much improvement in The Mob Boss's 1st season, but a loss like this could require some damage control. I know the Texans loss a week before to Indy might have seemed more critical, but the Texans haven't shown the promise the Phins have at the quarter mark of the season. A loss like Sunday's for the Phins could be bad. Just look at it: 2-2 (double the wins from 2007), on the road against a winless expansion team that inexplicably blew a game a week before, with a chance to go over .500 for the 1st time since the end of the 2005 season... just to have the Texans march nearly 80 yards down the field in under 2 minutes and convert not one, but two fourth downs, including the game-winning one on 4th and goal. Now tell me, how do the Dolphins rebound next week against the Ravens usually parsimonious defense, and for the rest of the season? Do they fold into the Miami Dolphins of Nick Saban (read: Satan) and Cam Cameron and spiral into oblivion? Or do they bounce back, and try to contend in a Brady-less AFC East and continue to show glimpses of greatness and improvement?
For the sake of Miami, and all DolPhans out there, I hope it's the latter, and not the former.

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