Friday, October 17, 2008

Thursday Night, Where Ranked Teams Go To DIE

The title of this post pretty much sums it up. There's not much else to say. But I'll tell you one thing, if I were the coach of a ranked team, and we had a Thursday night game scheduled, I would call in sick or something. Dr's appointment, house burned down, maybe even an undisclosed illness. SOMETHING, ANYTHING to avoid a Thursday night game.

Let's take a look at this season's victims:
- TCU 32 - #9 BYU 7
- The WANNSTACHE 26 - #10 USF 21
- Oregon State 27 - #1 USC 21
- Colorado 17 - #21 WVU 14
- Vandy 24 - #24 S.Carolina 17

8 weeks of college football, 5 ranked teams upset on Thursday night. Only two teams, I repeat, TWO teams have escaped Thursday night with their rankings and their pride: Wake Forest (Twice. Once against downward-spiraling Clemson in the Tiger's loss that sealed Tommy Bowden's fate, as the Deacs needed a late TD to win. The other in a season opening blowout of Baylor). The other Thursday night survivor: Utah, who needed a last second field goal to beat hyped up Oregon State following the aforementioned win over the Men of Troy.

Based on this week's rankings, and the season's remaining schedule, there are 5 games involving 4 different ranked teams still scheduled for a Thursday night showdown:
- #19 USF at Cincy in week 10.
- #14 Utah hosting TCU (already with an upset on their resume) in week 11.
- #17 V-Tech hosting Maryland the same week.
- #17 V-Tech visiting The U the following week.
- #1 Texas hosting Texas A&M in week 14

Word of advice to those coaches: Either be PREPARED for that game as if it were your last (because a loss like that could very well be your last, especially if you're already on the hot seat), or approach it like a bowl game. Make it count. Jim Leavitt of USF already knows the sting of Thursday night, and if his team wants a shot at the Big East title, they cannot afford another Thursday letdown. That goes for all of those ranked teams still scheduled to play: If they want a shot at their respective conference titles, and potential BCS births, they cannot afford losses on Thursday night.

But it IS college football. Week-in, week-out, crazy things go down, and history leads us to believe that atleast a couple of those remaining ranked teams will be let down on Thursday night.


  1. Are you implying USF will lose to Cincy... Again?

  2. I said that a couple of the aforementioned teams will likely fall victim to Thursday night before all is said and done. Whether or not that is USF remains to be seen. I doubt Leavitt would let it happen... again.