Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sebastian Janikowski and Nigel "The Leg" Gruff: Separated at Birth

That would've been an interesting household growing up.

I just watched the Jets and Raiders come within 2 minutes of a tie (yes, tie. Yes, we're talking about Football and not Futbol.), and it's just more proof that the NFL needs to adopt the NCAA's overtime rules and procedures, but that's another story.

Anyways I have no doubt in my mind that Sebastian Janikowski and Nigel "The Leg" Gruff from the 2000 film The Replacements are separated at birth.

- No, they look nothing alike.

- Yes, they are both from Northern Europe.

- Yes, they are both known as much for their kicking ability as they are for their partying.

- And YES, they both definitely have certified steel boots for kicking legs.

Did you see Janikowski's game-winning 57-yard field goal in overtime to lift the Raiders past the Jets? That thing would have been good from the other side of the Raiders logo at midfield! Ridiculous.


  1. Janikowski would kick Jay Mohr's ass.

  2. That's not Jay Mohr... it's Rhys Ifans.

  3. Never knew that Poland counted as "Northern Europe". I always thought it was grouped with Central-Eastern Europe.

    A. Nonymos