Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Morning After: Phillies Win Game 5... 48 Hours Later

The drought is over, Philadelphia. You and all of your crazy phans can phinally rejoice.

The Phillies won the Series 4 games to 1, and won Game 5: Part 2 Wednesday night 4-3 over the Rays. Cole Hamels took MVP honors after going 1-0, with a win in Game 1 and starting Game 5 when it began Monday night. Brad Lidge was clutch, as usual, notching his second save of the Series, and going unscathed in save opportunities on the season. Quite a feat in its own right.

Cheesesteaks for everyone! Except you, Shane Victorino. You get Spam, and you'll love it.

Another amazing feat in the wake of the Phillies' second World Series title, (and the city's first major sports championship since the 76ers won the NBA title in 1983) was that the fans didn't burn the city down. A tip of our cap goes to you Philadelphia sports fans for your restraint...

EDIT: It seems the embedding on this video was disabled on YouTube. So here's the link:

Oh wait... never mind Philadelphia, we take that back. Stay classy.

On a parting note today, we would just like to put things in perspective for those Phillies fans out there: Your team is now tied with the Florida Marlins in World Series titles. Congrats, it only took you 125 years!

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  1. Let em know. They should all be the targets of airborne beer bottles. That said, I still don't like baseball, even if al the game were 3 innings long.