Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Morning After: An Anticlimactic Saturday Night

Good morning, all! Hope you all enjoyed last night's much-hyped matchups. We sure didn't. While we did hit the over/under for Texas-Mizzou as promised by, it wasn't what the game was hyped up to be. However...

Here are a few of our observations from last night's Texas-Mizzou game and ALCS Game 6.
Texas-Mizzou: Texas 56 - Mizzou 31

- The Real McCoy: The Heisman Trophy is now Colt McCoy's to lose. Bottom line, the kid has played great this season, and his team's record and performance on the field has shown it. Barring some major collapse, or season-ending injury, McCoy is the front-runner.

Strike a pose, Colt (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

- Chased from the Chase: On the other end of the spectrum, Chase Daniel's Heisman candidacy took a critical blow, as did his team's BCS hopes (though they can still win the Big 12, it doesn't look good for them at this point).

- You Don't Mess with Texas: Ask Oklahoma and Mizzou. Texas is the number one team in the number one conference this season. They still have quite a road ahead of them, but they've looked impressive so far.

On a side note: Did anyone OUTSIDE of Texas expect Mizzou to be manhandled in such a manner? We here at 4th and Fail sure didn't see the game getting that out of hand, that quick.

ALCS Game 6: Red Sox 4 - Rays 2

- Mr. October: In response to our earlier post about which Josh Beckett we would see in St. Pete: we got Mr. October of playoffs' past. While his velocity was down, and he only pitched five innings, he was effective, giving up only 2 runs on 4 hits. Most importantly, he got the win for the Sox, tying the series up at 3 games a piece. That being said...

- On the Brink: The Rays now have their backs up against the wall, as the momentum has shifted to the more experienced Red Sox. Earlier we mentioned that if the Sox won Game 6, we would look for them to advance to the World Series. We still think the Sox have the advantage, with history on their side:

"On 32 occasions, a team that has taken a 3-1 lead has lost Game 5 of a post-season series. Of those 32 teams, 17 have won the series in six games, four have won the series in seven games and 11 have lost the series" (Thank you, Baseball Prospectus!)

- Big UPs: To Rays Outfielder B.J. Upton, who hit his seventh home run of this post-season, the first playoff appearance of his career. Let's put that into perspective, shall we? Manny Ramirez, the MLB post-season career home run leader with 28 playoff longballs, has never hit more than four in a single postseason. Upton has that many in this year's ALCS. He's one shy of the single-postseason record, held by Carlos Beltran. The man is playing out of his mind at the plate. If the Rays manage to hold off the Sox in Game 7 at home, look for Upton to break Beltran's record in the World Series.

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