Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Few Thoughts On The Day Ahead

- How entertaining has Big 12 football been this year? The teams have been putting on offensive clinics weekly. This week we get treated to another huge matchup between #1 Texas and #11 Missouri. Colt McCoy and Chase Daniel square off in a game that quite possibly could decide the Heisman. The winner, at least, will likely be the frontrunner. I know Mizzou hasn't won at Texas since 1896, but this Missouri team is certainly capable of it. Talk about a tough bounce-back game for the Tigers though, having to visit the nation's current #1 team.

- In the SEC, #2 'Bama hosts upset-minded Ole Miss. We all know Ole Miss is capable of the upset, and 'Bama has been playing down to its lesser opponents this year. Which 'Bama will show up: the one that dismantled Georgia between the hedges, or the one that barely escaped Kentucky?

- Finally, tonight's ALCS Game 6. "Big Game" James Shields takes on "Mr. October" Josh Beckett. Beckett hasn't been his typical post-season self this year, so let's see how he does with the season on the line. If the Sox win tonight, look for them to complete the comeback in Game 7 and another trip to the World Series. If the Rays win, however, then who would've thought that exorcising their demons would be as easy as dropping the "Devil" from their name...

Enjoy what should be a great day for sports!


  1. What about the BEast? Entertaining football week in week out. All of the teams are so mediocre (including defensively crippled USF), every game is a good matchup (except when USF plays Syracuse). One of these teams, most likely Cincy or USF will once again be overlooked in their BCS bowl, and take down another football "giant". Just ask Georgia or OSU. What really needs to happen is the ACC and BEast need a merger. Take the better half of each conference to form a 10 team conference that will be competitive top to bottom with the Big 12 and SEC. The list would look like this:


    The current conferences are a disgrace this year.

  2. I didn't say the Big East didn't produce entertaining football. I was just commenting on the plethora of scoring that the Big 12 does every weekend. Defense may win championships, but offense puts fans in the stands.

    As for this merger: interesting concept. If they were to do so, I would replace either (a down) Clemson or (inconsistent) Maryland with an up-and-coming UNC, or dare I say it... Duke. Let me not get ahead of myself here though until Duke proves itself more, though I;m confident they are headed in the right direction under Cutcliffe.

    If however, a merger like that were to happen, then you would have to take away the automatic BCS berth granted to one of the conferences, and give it to a more deserving conference, such as the WAC.

  3. Exactly. Or you ca give two bids to the BEACC.